Existing Player Bonuses

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The competitive nature of the casino market has helped fuel a significant number of bonuses aimed at existing players, in a bid to retain their custom. The specifics can vary, but we've put together a quick summary on some of the basics, for your consideration.

Loyalty Programs for Existing Players

Perhaps the most appealing of the promotions that existing players can enjoy, loyalty programs are a common feature of casinos. Players are typically signed up automatically, which is fine as there's no additional cost and the opportunity to win a variety of prizes. By gambling, points are earned which can be exchanged for prizes (such as cashback), and may provide the chance to win lottery-type prizes. These can range from straightforward money to overseas vacations.

Some loyalty programs operate on a tiered basis, with more and better prizes at higher tiers. Naturally, you have to have more points to get to the higher levels. The only potential downside for existing players is that reaching higher level requires more gambling, which may mean more losses. On the other hand, if you're finishing ahead, then the loyalty program is just a chance to win even more for no extra cost.

Existing Player Deposit Matching

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Although usually associated with new player deals, existing players can often benefit from deposit matching. Casinos sometimes offer this bonus for more than just the initial deposit, allowing existing players to have their deposits matched (up to a ceiling). Matching rates vary, and can exceed 100%. It's worth noting there's often a wagering requirement before winnings can be withdrawn, however. Deposit matches can also sometimes come with free spins or other extras attached.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are regularly offered incentives to keep playing at a particular casino. Existing players receive certain benefits in exchange for sticking with the casino, and these might come about on a monthly, or otherwise regular, basis. These rewards might include free spins, or cashback based on a percentage of losses over the previous period of time.

Referral Bonuses

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Existing players can also receive small sums in exchange for referring friends to the casino. Precise details can vary, with money being deposited in the player's account either when their friend signs up or makes their initial deposit (or both). Of course, if two friends were to co-ordinate together, they might be able to refer one another to a number of casinos and each receive this bonus at different establishments.

Casinos are almost as eager to retain players as they are to attract new ones. Existing players can benefit from a number of special offers to help reduce their losses or as a little extra profit.